Guidelines For Group Registration

  A group should comprise of either only Students or only Delegates, minimum 10 or maximum 15 to avail 10% discount on registration.
  Any one member of the group should contact the Registration Committee via Email ( before registering.
  The mail should provide information of all the members within the group including Name, Contact no., Email Id and IACDE Reg No.
  A group registration code will be released after verifying the information provided via mail.
  The group code is to be only shared with the members in the group, as the system will not accept any other names.
  After availing the group code, kindly follow the instructions below.


Category Early Bird Registration till Feb 15th 2020 Feb 16th to March 20th 2020
Students Rs. 6,750/-
[10% Discount for Rs. 7,500/-]
Rs. 7,650/-
[10% Discount for Rs. 8,500/-]
Delegates Rs. 7,650/-
[10% Discount for Rs. 8,500/-]
Rs. 8,550/-
[10% Discount for Rs. 9,500/-]